About us


iglo+indi is located in Iceland and was founded in 2008 by fashion designer Helga Ólafsdóttir. With strong Nordic roots iglo+indi is all about crisp colors, unique prints and playfulness. All children are artists, seeing colors, shapes and patterns everywhere. With all iglo+indi collections children can mix and match their own outfits without limitations. Handmade illustrations, carefully selected colors, comfortable cuts and soft organic fabrics make iglo+indi a creative and fun brand for all kids.

Our Founder & head designer

Helga Ólafsdóttir is the founder, head designer and manager of all design development at iglo+indi. Helga has a degree in fashion design from Copenhagen, Denmark but being a true globetrotter at heart she furthered her studies in both London and Milan.    

 “I love designing kids wear. Every child I meet is an inspiration. I admire their honesty, purity, humor and their natural joy of life.”

 Children’s comfort is the underlying principle behind every design where fashion meets comfort with a touch of whimsical playfulness thrown in.

Helga Indi

Our team

We are an all Icelandic, all female company. Our headquarters are located in Iceland where we create all of our designs, prints, marketing material and sales.

Our stores

Our online shop was opened in 2011. We also operate our flagship store in Iceland, located in downtown Reykjavík on Skólavörðustígur 4.

Our products

    The factories we employ go through factory audit to ensure they have fair labour conditions including a fair employee policy. Our social criterion requires our factories to provide safe, non-abusive, environment with living wages. In our code of conduct, these criteria are specified to secure everyone that works with manufacturing iglo+indi garments, and promote that they work under fair and healthy conditions.

    This covers everything from chemicals and their toxicity and biodegradability through the entire supply chain, to maintaining the implementation of key criteria on labour set out by the international labour organisation (ilo).

    Our factory audit aim is to ensure that the factories we are using do not use child or forced labour, that employees have safe and hygienic work environment, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, living wages are paid and more.